What is Startup Repeat?

Hi, I’m Paul! I’m a young wantrepreneur and aspiring inventor pushing myself to create a new business every month for a year.  The business ideas, while small in scope, should provide me with market validation, experience, and hopefully a little side income.  Startup Repeat is a blog where I’ll document the details of each monthly business. 

This ambitious, un-original idea was started after I filled up a second notebook with business and invention ideas with nothing to show for them but words on paper.  For me, coming up with ideas was the fun and easy part.  The problem was following through and finishing my projects.


What’s the point of Startup Repeat?

My goal with this blog is to provide a concise and transparent look into exactly what it takes to bootstrap a startup yourself.  Every week, I plan on posting to-do lists, hours spent, and revenue reports.  At the end of each month, blog posts will recap any challenges I faced, mistakes made, lessons learned, and how much the business made or lost*. If you’ve ever thought about starting a business, but didn’t know what it took, this is the place for you**

*At this point, some skeptics may be thinking: “Someone’s going to steal your thunder if you post all your ideas online for everyone to see.  Especially if you’re giving away all the numbers and business secrets!” To which I say, “Who cares?” Entrepreneurship is about providing value, not hoarding some secret sauce. To me, it’s a win if a fellow entrepreneur is inspired to put in the work. And if they get some value out following my journey, even better.

** I don’t expect every business to succeed.  I don’t have 12 solid game-plans. I’m working full-time 40 hours a week, and I’m using my own money to bootstrap startups each month.  I’ve created Startup Repeat to experiment if any of my business ideas are worthy of serious pursuit. Whether they succeed or fail, I hope this blog serves as some kind of motivation that anybody/everybody should chase their dreams.