Startup Repeat Week 4 Report (Sep)

Startup Repeat is a blog where I document my journey of starting 12 micro businesses in 12 months.  This week I spent 3 hours opening business accounts, and netted $-100.

Times: September 24th – September 30th (3 hours total)

Weekly Revenue Report:

Money spent: $100
Money earned: $0

Weekly Task List:

Tuesday 9-25-18 (1 hours)
  • Played around more with SEO (Still Learning!) (1 Hour)
    • Connected google console to site
    • Connect Pintrest to site
  • Posted LLC blog post on reddit & did some plugging. (~30 minutes)
  • Applied for an EIN (Employer Identification Number) on IRS website (~10 minutes)
Thursday 9-28-18 (2 hours)
  • Set up business banking checking account with my personal bank. Had to provide… (1 hour)
    • LLC Proof
    • EIN Proof
    • $100 deposit
  • Continued work on Startup Repeat final report (1 hour)

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