Startup Repeat Week 1 Report (Sep)

Startup Repeat is a blog where I document my journey of starting 12 micro businesses in 12 months.  This week I spent 9 hours setting up business operations, and netted -$454.94.

Times: September 2nd – September 8th (9 hours total)

Weekly Revenue Report:

Money spent: $454.94
  • $154.00 — Renting a small mailbox at the UPS store for 6 months
  • $0.94 — 40 pack of #10 envelopes
  • $300.00 — Filing fee for formation of Limited Liability Company
Money earned: $0

Weekly Task List:

Monday 9-3-18 (2 hours)
  • Brainstormed future startup ideas for Startup Request (1 hour)
  • Wrote weekly report for week 0 (1 hour)
    • Couldn’t figure out how to get a picture on homepage blog posts
    • Restyled archive section on homepage to be larger
    • Text summary of blog post still doesn’t look great
Tuesday 9-4-18 (2 hours)
  • Setup personal email for site through SiteGround (5 minutes)
  • Created and revived social media so I can market in the future (25 minutes)
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Pintrest
    • Reddit
  • Created icons and connected social media to site (10 minutes)
  • Researched setting up an Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) (30 minutes)
    • Will be necessary in near future to shield personal assets from any business liability
    • Will cost around $300 to start one in Texas
    • For me, it makes more sense to start one in Texas and not Delaware
  • Setup mail-chimp account for online marketing and email newsletter (50 minutes)
    • US law requires a physical address to be shown to all email subs (SCARY!) (Should get PO box)
    • Tested email subscription and it got sent straight to my spam folder (fix later)
  • Setup mailbox with UPS, so I don’t have to use real address for business things. (30 minutes)
Wednesday 9-5-18 (2 hours)
  • Fixed mail-chimp subscription to show P.O. box instead of physical address (1 minute)
  • Fixed mail-chimp DNS settings to stop sending emails to spam folders (30 minutes)
  • Removed some empty space on site by modifying CSS (30 minutes)
  • Setup google voice (free) to act as a business phone, so I don’t have to give out my personal number (5 minutes)
  • Cleaned up homepage view of weekly reports (30 minutes)
    • Still can’t figure out a great way to get pictures to show up with reports
  • Started weekly report for week 1 (30 minutes)
Thursday 9-6-18 (1.5 hours)
  • Write one-page business plan (15 minutes)
  • Set measurable 1-year goals for startup repeat (15 minutes)
  • Fixed CSS styling bug on blog categories (20 minutes)
  • Rewrote some of “Start Here” section (10 minutes)
  • Went to personal bank and asked about business account and what I need. (30 minutes)
    • I need to setup LLC first and provide bank with proof of LLC
    • After I setup LLC, I need to apply for an employee Identification Number (EIN). Bank needs this too.
Sunday 9-9-18 (1.5 hours)
  • Went to public library to print and fill out LLC paperwork. ($300) (25 minutes)
  • Picked up package of envelopes from Walmart to send paperwork off. ($0.94) (20 minutes)
  • Dropped off signed and payed documents to post office. (10 minutes)
  • Wrote weekly report for week 1 (This post) (35 minutes)

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