Startup Repeat Week 0 Report (Sep)

Startup Repeat is a blog where I document my journey of starting 12 micro businesses in 12 months.  This week I spent 6 hours creating the website, and netted -$138.40.

Times: August 26th – September 1st (6 hours total)

Weekly Revenue Report:

Money spent: $138.40
  • $12.00 — Google Domains 1 year
  • $47.40 — SiteGround hosting 1 year
  • $79.00 — WordPress theme bundle
Money earned: $0

Weekly Task List:

Tuesday 8-28-18 (2 hours)
  • Sketch out WordPress blog format (30 minutes)
  • Think about what to name the blog (5 minutes)
  • Install WordPress (WP) and start work on creating blog (1 hour 15 minutes)
    • Discovered I needed a web host, so I decided on SiteGround’s $4 a month plan. (Comes with WP built in)
    • Found out I also had to register a domain, used Google domain ($12/ year) to register “”
    • Connected Google domain to SiteGround’s name server (Had to google how to do this)
    • Logged into site as admin and started playing around with WordPress (I’ve never really used before)
    • While fiddling, added a “www.” to domain name and accidentally locked up site for a bit.
    • Setup jetpack account for analytics (Still unclear on what this is)
  • Browsed WordPress themes for a quick design template (10 minutes)
    • Chose a bundle of WordPress themes from for like $80 (Probably over-payed)
Thursday 8-30-18 (2 hours)
  • Tweaked WordPress theme. (2 hours) (Doesn’t need to be perfect, but good enough to get to a shareable point)
    • Figured out a system to notify weekly email subscribers (This is built into WordPress!)
    • Made site style look like the “Travel Lifestyle” demo on the thebootstrapthemes site
  • Setup Akisnet anti-spam WordPress plugin (5 minutes)
Friday 8-31-18 (2 hours)
  • Continued tweaking WordPress theme to look presentable. (1 hour)
    • Moved sections around and removed the boilerplate stuff
  • Fill in the section of the site with personalized content (1 hour)
    • Filled in both “About” sections
    • Filled in “Contact” section (WordPress has a “Add Contact Form”) (Does even this work?)
    • Filled in “Start here” section
    • Created a rough template for blog posts.

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