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Startup Repeat is a blog where I document my journey of starting 12 micro businesses in 12 months.  I’ve spent 24.5 hours building this business, and have netted -$694.34.

In this post, I will recap everything regarding the building of this blog. I’ll talk about how long it took to make, what I did, and how much money it’s all costed.

This blog served as my startup for the month of September. I’ve scaled this blog down to only need around two hours of work each week.  This post will be constantly updated to show any progress this business has after the first month.  If you would like to see detailed reports for what went into building Startup Repeat, checkout the weekly reports.

Weekly ReportsDatesTime SpentRevenue
Week 0August 26th – September 1st6 Hours-$138.40
Week 1 September 2nd – September 8th9 Hours-$454.94
Week 2September 9th – September 16th2 Hours$0
Week 3September 17th – September 23rd5 Hours$0
Week 4September 24th – September 30th3 Hours-$100
Week 5+September 30th - Now......

Startup Repeat FAQ:


Q: “Why did you create Startup Repeat?  What’s the point?”

A: I wanted to…

  1. Create a platform where I can organize all my other little startups into one. (Advertise my other startups)
    1. Define what they are
    2. Describe what it took
    3. Detail how much each startup made/lost
  2. Create one single business entity (parent company) to use for all other business accounts and physical addresses.
  3. Regularly post stories and reports of what it took to start each business.


Q: “What work are you doing on a regular basis with this blog?”

A: A bulk of the time spent on this project was building and designing the website.  Now that the blog is all put together, I just need to fill it up!  I’ll be posting weekly reports about my progress with each business.


Q: “Why did creating a WordPress blog cost you $700 dollars?”

A: Check out the weekly reports for Startup Repeat to see where all my money went.  Long story short, I setup Startup Repeat to be more than a blog.  I set it up as a “parent company” for all my other businesses. I payed a $300 government fee to form Startup Repeat into LLC.  For all my other business’s legal work, I can simply write “Startup Repeat doing business as [Insert any of Paul’s other startups here]”. Setting up Startup Repeat as a parent company made sense for me, because I plan on starting 11 other companies under it.  Realistically starting a blog should NOT cost more than $100 to start.


Q: “What did you learn while building this blog?”

A: I learned…

  1. How quick and easy it is to build websites with WordPress. (Makes me cry as a professional web developer)
  2. It was much easier than I thought to form an LLC, setup tax things, and open a business banking account.
  3. How to use some popular search engine optimization tools like YOAST.
  4. That online marketing and building your online presence is extremely difficult.


Q: “How does this blog make money without ads?”

A: It doesn’t.  Wait… WHAT?!  This will be the only “business” I create where I’m not interested in making money.  The sole purpose of this blog is to provide value, and help people build businesses.  Also it doesn’t hurt to have a place to plug all my other startups. 😉


Q: “What mistakes did you make? What advice could you give to someone starting a blog?”

A: I should have saved $80 and stuck with a free WordPress template.  While the one I bought is nice, it still required a significant amount of time to tweak it.  On top of that, I plan on completely re-working the style of the blog in the future.  I should have validated how successful the blog was first, then spent lots of resources making it “just right”.

Also, I should have waited until I had some meaningful revenue before setting up my business as an LLC.  I’ve said this before. Forming an LLC should NOT be the first thing you do when building your business.  Unless your business is likely to get sued right out of the gate, save this step for later.  Build a product, find people who want it, and just start selling the damn thing.

I didn’t spend any time sharing or marketing the blog in the first month.  Ouch!


Q: “What startup are you going to build next month?”

A: I’m going to build a mobile application that helps you pick the “best” character to play in a video game.  I spend a lot of time gaming, I’m passionate, and have a good feeling about this idea.

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