Simple Recipe Blog Week 3 (Dec)

Paul’s Prep is a meal prep blog that offers simple, cheap, and healthy recipes.  This week I spent 5 hours and $24 putting the blog posts together, configuring SSL, and reserving domain names.

Times: December 17th – December 23rd (5 hours total)

Weekly Revenue Report:

Money spent: $0
Money earned: $0


Weekly Task List:

Monday 12-17-18 (1 hours)
  • Recorded and voiced cooking “Ranchero Chicken and Rice” (1 hour)
Tuesday 12-18-18 (2 hours)
  • Reserved “” domain for $12. (1 hour)
    • Hooked it into existing Site-grounds web hosting server.
    • Also purchased a second domain name to AB test how well each domain does. ($12)

Fiddled with SSL certificates for all my sites.  So now all my sites are “secure” and start with “https”! (1 hour)

Saturday 12-22-18 (1 hours)
  • Wrote about section in sidebar (20 minutes)
  • Write “Start here” page. (40 minutes)
    • Still need to add some pictures…
Sunday 12-23-18 (1 hours)
Lessons learned:
  • My system of working a few hours when I’m feeling up to it before or after my full-time job isn’t returning the results I want.  I’m experimenting with a different project schedule, so I can get at least 10 hours of work in each week.  I don’t think there’s a surefire, catch all way to dedicate time/energy to side-projects. It’s largely dependent on the person, and their personality.  When I figure out a system that works for me, I’ll be sure and share it around.
  • Voice overs are so much work!
  • To setup SSL (HTTPS) on my site-grounds hosted sites I followed this tutorial  

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