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Paul’s Prep is a meal prep blog that offers simple, cheap, and healthy recipes.  This week I spent 3 hours and $0 recording my last recipe video and posting everything on YouTube.

This post will recap everything regarding the building of my WordPress site,
I’ve spent 34 hours and -$24 on this startup.  I’ll talk about how long it took to make, what I did, and how much money it’s all costed.

This site served as my startup for the month of December.  I wanted to do something quick and simple this month, so I decided to make a cooking blog centered around meal prep.  I wanted to it be like a Mom-blog, but straight to the point with no ads.  Recording and editing the videos took MUCH longer than I anticipated.  I ended up recording and producing 4 recipes.

My plan was to add some affiliate links to buy an instant pot or some tupperware on amazon to replace the lost revenue from leaving ads off the site.  But, I never got around to it, so for now… this is another freebie.

This post will be constantly updated to show any progress this business has after the first month.  If you would like to see detailed reports for what went into building Idea Away, checkout the weekly reports.

Weekly ReportsDatesTime SpentRevenue
Week 1December 4th – December 9th3 Hours$0
Week 2December 10th – December 16th 23 Hours$0
Week 3December 17th – December 23rd 5 Hours-$24
Week 4+December 24th – now3 Hours$0


Instant Pot Ranchero Chicken and Rice

Instant Pot Chili

Simple Stove-Top Chili

Healthy Granola Bars

Idea Away FAQ

Q: “Why did you create Pauls Prep?  What’s the point?”

A: I wanted to…

  1. Make a cooking blog minus all the bullshit. (Ads, subscription popups, old lady’s life story, etc)
  2. Share some of my go-to recipes that I enjoy cooking.
  3. Get my feet wet in the YouTube sphere, and see if I like it.

Q: “Will you be continuing work on this?”

A: Naw, fam.  Unless this site takes off or the YouTube videos start getting lots of views, it’s not really worth any more of my time.

Q: “How did your blog only cost $24 month?”

A: I already had the siteGround web hosting subscription, and all the equipment (webcam &tripod) to record.  I bought two domain names for a total of $24.

Q: “What mistakes did you make? What advice could you give to someone building something similar?”

A: Don’t be like me and underestimate how much work goes into video production.  I consider myself very amateur at video editing (although I did improve over the month), and this project gave me a new found respect for all the content creators on YouTube.

To that end, a quick video editing/voice acting tip: It’s easier/quicker to continue recording (even if you stutter or make a mistake), and go back after you have a bulk of the work recorded to edit.  (Don’t even pause the recording, just keep going)  A lot of my time was spend recording, making a nervous mistake, stopping the recording, deleting it, hitting record again, and it repeats all over again.  You’re going to be doing editing/snipping at the end anyway, so it’s best to do it in large batches.

Q: “How will this app make money?”

A: It doesn’t! Again, if there’s ANY interest in the site or the YouTube channel I’ll add a few non-intrusive affiliate links to the site.

Q: “What startup are you going to build next month?”

A: Even though I took it easy the month of December, I plan of taking most of January off. (Hence this late, late update) I still feel pretty burned out, and need a bit more project vacation. I will be spending some time testing and prototyping some smaller ideas, but nothing to warrant any updates.

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