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Book Series Review: "The First Law Trilogy"


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Rating: 8/10

Do you like getting kicked in the face? Are you a masochist and enjoy inflicting pain on yourself? If so, this gritty, brutal fantasy epic may be for you. These books will cause you physical suffering and mental shock. That said, I cannot recommend them enough...

Book Series Review: "The Wheel of Time"


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Rating: 8/10

The Wheel of Time is a juggernaut in the fantasy-fiction genre. The epic story spans 14 books and two authors. (Robert Jordan passed before the release of book 12) I thoroughly enjoyed reading this series, and can't wait to share my thoughts on it...

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Take a look around. This page is a collection of pop media reviews including books, games, and film. My reviews scale from 1 to 10, based the enjoyment each brought me relative to my all time favorites. (Listed below) Disclaimer: An average score is a 5/10, I don't give something a 7 or 8 unless it's WELL above average.

All Time Favorites

Here are some of my favorite pieces of media. I consider each of these to be 10/10:

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