Rainbow Six Siege Report

R6Pickaxe is a web application that helps you select the best character to play in Rainbow Six Siege.  These past two weeks I spent 16 hours and $0 building and hosting a Vue.js web application.

This post will recap everything regarding the building of my web application R6Pickaxe .
I’ve spent 28.5 hours and -$24 on this startup.  I’ll talk about how long it took to make, what I did, and how much money it’s all costed.

This site served as my startup for the month of Feburary. I wanted to learn how to use a new technology, Vue.js.  Building something that I care about like video games made this project easy to work on.

This post will be constantly updated to show any progress this business has after the first month.  If you would like to see detailed reports for what went into building R6Pickaxe, checkout the weekly reports.

Weekly ReportsDatesTime SpentRevenue
Week 1February 1st – February 11th10 Hours$0
Week 2February 11th – February 17th2.5 hours$0
Week 3+February 18th - March 1st16 Hours$-24


You can check out the current state of the app here!

Idea Away Q&A

Q: “Why did you create R6Pickaxe?  What’s the point?”

A: I wanted to…

  1. Have a tool that makes decisions for me mid game on which character to play as.
  2. Get my feet wet with Vue.js

Q: “Will you be continuing work on this?”

A: Nope.  The app is in a good enough place that it can test a “proof of concept”. Unless this app starts bring in enough users to justify it, I’ll be leaving it alone.

Q: “How did your blog only cost $24 month?”

A: I hosted the site on AWS S3 bucket, and spent the $24 on reserving two domain names for 1 year.

Q: “What mistakes did you make? What advice could you give to someone building something similar?”

A: The application takes too long to use, and its clunky to ALT-TAB between the game and a web browser to use it.  In game, you have 25 seconds to choose a character.  That’s not enough time to manually input all the data in to the web app and crank out a result.

Additionally, you won’t really know what character your team will be playing as most people choose who they want to play at the last second.

Q: “What startup are you going to build next month?”

A: I’m pumping the brakes on the 12 startups in 12 months project. See my last post for reasons why.

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