Overwatch Pickaxe Week 1 Report (Oct)

Overwatch Pickaxe is a mobile app that help you select the best video game character to play in the game Overwatch.  This week I spent 12 hours sketching out the app design and architecture

Times: October 1st – October 7th (12 hours total)

Weekly Revenue Report:

Money spent: $0
Money earned: $0

Weekly Task List:

Tuesday 10-2-18 (4 hours)
  • Put together goals, to-do’s, and not-to-do’s for the app.  Organized it on Trello. (1 hour)
  • Completed 1/3 of the mock data for the app. (3 hours)
    • There’s got to be a better way than to manually type data from spreadsheet into .json format…
Thursday 10-4-18 (4 hours)
  • Finished research for best compositions and map picks for each hero.  Fill in spreadsheets with data. (4 hours)
    • Use google sheets plug in “export to json” tool for fast data conversion
Saturday 10-6-18 (4 hours)
  • Sketched out app design with help of graphic design girlfriend. (1.5 hours)
  • Create private Github repository to hold application code in the cloud (15 minutes)
  • Installed all tools and started building react-native application (45 minutes)
    • Had to downgrade react-native version because current version seems to be broken.
  • Setup and learned how to use react navigation to get switching between 4 pages working. (1.5 hours)

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