Overwatch Pickaxe Report

Overwatch Pickaxe is a mobile app that help you select the best character to play in Overwatch.  I’ve spent 64 hours and -$275 on this startup so far.

In this post, I will recap everything regarding the building of my mobile app, Overwatch Pickaxe. I’ll talk about how long it took to make, what I did, and how much money it’s all costed.

This mobile application served as my startup for the month of October. There is still a tremendous amount of work to be done with this app. (I may have bitten off more than I could chew, last month) This post will be constantly updated to show any progress this business has after the first month.  If you would like to see detailed reports for what went into building Overwatch Pickaxe, checkout the weekly reports.

Weekly ReportsDatesTime SpentRevenue
Week 1October 1st – October 7th12 Hours$0
Week 2October 8th – October 14th11 Hours$0
Week 3October 15th – October 21st12 Hours$0
Week 4October 22nd – October 28th12.5 Hours$0
Week 5+October 29th - Now16.5 Hours-$275

Screenshots and links:

Android play store release
Apple IOS release: (coming soon)

Overwatch Pickaxe FAQ:


Q: “Why did you create Overwatch Pickaxe?  What’s the point?”

A: I wanted to…

  1. Create an application that helped players make good decisions in Overwatch.
  2. Practice my react native and mobile development skills


Q: “What work is left to be done with this app?”

A: So much… The initial design called for 4 different pages, and this month I only completed one. Next month’s project will be much smaller, so I can wrap Overwatch Pickaxe up. Here’s a short list of things I still need to iron out with the app:

  • Implement a settings page and let users configure the weights of how the app chooses heroes.
  • Constantly pull Overwatch patchnotes and displays them on the patchnotes page.
  • Create a “favorite heroes” page to lets users choose which heroes they like to play. Add this to logic.
  • Contract professional and high-level players to help improve my hero counter and composition data-set.


Q: “What cost you $275 the last month?”

A: Three things:

  •  I ended up having to buy an iPhone to register my app on the IOS store. (-$150 for used iPhone 6S)
  • -$100 to register myself as an IOS developer to post app on IOS store.
  • -$25 to register myself as an android developer to post app on google play store.


Q: “What did you learn while building this app?”

A: I learned a TON about react native and mobile development. Specifically, how to structure an application and it’s components and how to pass data around.

I often found myself getting caught up on small details, like styling bugs.  I learned that for a large project like this, you have to let the small stuff go and just move on.  Don’t worry about creating perfection.


Q: “How will this app make money?”

A: Once I have the app in a more complete state, I’m going to include an ad banner into the app. I’ll also release a paid version of the app, that is ad-free.  For now, I’ve posted the app to the store to get feedback on if it’s even worth it to continue developing this thing.


Q: “What mistakes did you make? What advice could you give to someone building a mobile app?”

A: The biggest mistake I made was spending too much time on early styling details.  I figured I wouldn’t have much time to go back and correct any styling mistakes, so I spend a lot of time trying to get things to look “just right” up front.  This wasted more time than I’d like to admit, and took away from the functionality of the application.

Workflow-wise, I had a lot of trouble towards the end of this month finding time and energy to work on this project. Next month, my plan is to set a weekly work schedule and reward myself when I reach my weekly goals.


Q: “What startup are you going to build next month?”

A: was planning on carving out some board games, and selling them on an e-commerce site, but after doing some research I found that won’t be cost-effective.

For the month of November, my plan is to create a website where people can share and sell invention and app ideas.

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